My final game for Gd205 called Brew souls. in this game play as a knight who has been chosen by the heavens to put a stop to the evil Brew Alchemist. After fighting your way through hordes of evil you have reached the end of your journey. However you can not let up for now you must fight the evil brew king. And after taking mass amount of evil substance known as Dark-heart drink he has shed his human and become a monster. Now you must get through him in order to reach the holy chest the only thing that contain the item to save your land. Will you Prevail?....    My scripts

credit- music: Darsiders ost.

art: darksouls


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For the player movement, you probably want to use GetKey instead of GetKeyDown so the player doesn't have to keep mashing the keys to move.

Also, sounds will help a lot for players to be able to understand the collisions.

ok thank you

When my characters dodges he floats upward. 

I wasn't able to reproduce this playing. The rolls seem to be working now. Did you update it?

oh yes I'm sorry I forget to say it i got onyx to help me

oh yes I'm sorry I forget to say it i got onyx to help me